Paris, France

Who am I ?

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A French talented businesswoman with a huge imagination and ambition
Reflax n’ enjoy my vibes you’ll love it baby
I also have an Instagram, account, where I share everyday with you chic n’ streetwear outfits, lookbook, makeup and accessories with rhymes and humoristic description.
Follow me to miss none of my post. Join the JUUJ FACTORY Community, look at my post, you’ll be pleasently surprised, it’s a melting pot of all my fav pics and ideas.
Directly coming from my mind and Internet, you need to be open minded, it’s a requirement.
There is also an imporant part of humor into all of my post and I try to do rhymes, it’s just a begining but you can follow my evolution as I build JUUJ UNIVERSE
I’m a Pokemon baby
However for sucess in what I want, I need help I’ve a lot of projects this instagram post as Instagram account as Facebook account, they are nothing compared to my goals🚀💰
Look around you
You’ll see everywhere JUUJ FACTORY in a short time
Yeah baby I’ve that kind of ambition !🏆😎
There is always a but…
I need money, I need support, I need time, I need YOU
Without YOU, a fix fan-based and helping people I probably couldn’t do it…
I swear in front of God : give it back to all people who helps me
Follow me you’ll save humans and animals
All information n’ details up in my bio or straight dm instagram o facebook
For any inernship job collabaration or any profesional things send me a message at


If you’re interested in discover my dark side I let you the possibility to go in evil


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